AT&T Payment Methods

att logoAT&T is a US based telecommunication service provider, offering mobile and fixed phone, and broadband Internet services to homes and offices in their service area. If you have an AT&T connection, you can connect to the Internet at more than 35,000 hot spots of the company, including a number of restaurants, hotels, etc. They have more than 1 million hot spots with roaming facilities as well, including the Asia Pacific region. By registering to their site at Www.Att.Com, you can create an account online, and use it to manage your services and also pay bills online.

Www.Att.Com Bill Payment Methods

AT&T bill payment can be done by a variety of online and offline payment methods. The most sought after ones include:

  • You may send your payment check or money order to an AT&T authorized payment location by mail
  • You may personally visit an AT&T payment location near you, and pay the bill in cash
  • You may call 800-331-0500, and follow the automated instructions to pay the bill over phone
  • You may enroll to their Txt2Pay service, after which you will receive an SMS notifying your billed amount and your due date. You can reply to this SMS, and start the payment process to pay the bill using your card or bank account
  • You may dial ‘Pay’ from an AT&T wireless phone, and follow the instructions to pay the bill using your savings or checking account
  • If you are using your card to pay your AT&T bill, you must know that the company accepts debit or credit cards from MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express only
  • You may install myAT&Tapp on your iPhone or Android phone, and use it to complete your bill payment
  • The most convenient way to pay your AT&T bill is to create an account at Www.Att.Com, and log into it to pay the bill using your card or bank account. To log In Click on “Log in to view/pay bill”
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  • It redirects to new page and you can put the username and password to make your payment.
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  • New users can register by clicking on “Register Today”
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Customer Service

Known for excellent customer service, AT&T is accessible to you via different ways. You may log on to Www.Att.Com, and have a live chat with an online AT&T representative. You may call their customer care at 800-331-0500, and talk to an AT&T representative over phone. For more information, you can find their contact details at

Useful tips about the company

Technical support of the company is available 24/7, and their customer service is available from 8am to 7pm on weekdays, and 8am to 5pm on weekends. You can refer to their FAQs 24/7 from your home computer, and get the issue resolved quickly.

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