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Suddenlink Online Bill Pay

Suddenlink logoSuddenlink Communications is one of the biggest cable broadband service providers in the US. With around 6 million subscribers, the company is operational in 16 states of the country, including Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas. Headquartered in Missouri, this company was founded in 2002, and since then, it has become one of the most preferred cable broadband service providers in the nation. You can visit Suddenlink.Com, and know further details about the company and its services.

Bill Payment Methods at Suddenlink.Com

If you are a Suddenlink customer, you can pay your bills through a number of payment methods. Choose the method that you find most convenient as per your schedule and convenience level.

  • You must have received an envelope or stub with your monthly bill. You can attach your payment check or money order with this, and send it to the company’s mailing address by post
  • You can dial 1-888-822-5151, and follow the automated phone instructions to make a one-time bill payment
  • If you have crossed your due date, a Suddenlink collection agent may call you. You may pay your bill directly to this agent by providing your card or bank details
  • Visit a local Suddenlink office near you, and pay the bill in cash
  • You may also leave your payment check in an authorized dropbox near you
  • You may setup EFT from an outside vendor like CheckFree to pay your bill
  • Some local businesses and grocery stores may also accept Suddenlink payments on a voluntary basis
  • You may create an account at Suddenlink.Com, and pay the bill either one-time or setup recurring payments
  • Log on to
  • Click on ‘My Account’ link on top of the home page
    Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.46.13
  • You will be redirected to
  • Enter your username and password, and click on ‘Log in’
    Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.46.49
  • If you are a new user, you may create an account by clicking on ‘Haven’t Registered Yet? SIGN UP NOW!’ tab
    Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.46.51

Customer Service

Suddenlink representatives are available by phone, email, or live chat or Click here. You may also meet them in-person by visiting a store location near you. For billing and technical support, you can call their customer care number at 877-794-2724.

Useful Tips About The Company

  • If you want to stay updated about the latest offers and deals of the company, then you can visit Suddenlink.Com, and enter your address and zip code in the ‘Find Offers For You’ box
  • You may bundle different services of the company, and save big

Directv Bill Payment

directv logoDirecTV is one of the largest satellite TV service providers in the world, primarily focusing on US, Latin America and the Caribbean. They have more than 32 million residential and commercial customers, offering an entire range of user-friendly products and services. With their entire fleet of satellites in the roster, they offer excellent satellite reception and extraordinary features. The company allows you to create an online Directv.Com Myaccount, from where you can manage your DirecTV services, and pay bills online.

Bill Payment Methods at Directv.Com Myaccount

DirecTV bills can be paid both online and offline through a variety of payment methods. You can choose the method that you find most convenient as per your daily schedule and convenience level.

  • You may call them over phone, follow their automated phone instructions, and pay the bill by providing your card or bank account details. You may also speak to a company representative on phone
  • You can send ‘Pay’ to 21880, and provide your personal and bank account details to complete your DirecTV payment
  • Payment check or money order can also be sent to their mailing address by post. You have to enclose the check or money order in the envelope you must have received with your DirecTV bill
  • You may visit any of the participating retailers of the company, and pay the bill in cash
  • DirecTV also accepts payments via MoneyGram and Western Union
  • You may also log in to your online Directv.Com Myaccount, and pay the bill over the Internet
  • First of all, log in to
  • Hover mouse over ‘Sign in/Register’
    Screenshot 2015-01-01 20.25.31
  • A new pop up window will open
    Screenshot 2015-01-01 20.25.37
  • If you are a new user, you can create a Directv.Com Myaccount by clicking on the ‘Create Account’ button
    Screenshot 2015-01-01 20.25.47
  • If you already have an account, you can log in by entering your email address and password
    Screenshot 2015-01-01 20.25.49
  • You will be redirected to your account web page, from where you can manage your account and pay bill

Customer Service

You may call 1-800-531-5000 to contact a DirecTV representative over phone. You may also send them an email, after which the company will contact you back within 24 hours. There is a special number 1-800-779-4388 which is TTY enabled for hearing impaired customers.

Useful Tips About The Company

  • Click on the ‘Packages’ section on the home page, and find the DirecTV packages that might suit your requirements
  • You may bundle different services in your Directv.Com Myaccount, and save big

Qvc Bill Payment

Screenshot 2014-12-17 23.24.46 - CopyQVC stands for Quality, Value & Convenience. It is a US based company dedicated to offering high-end shopping experience by way of its TV broadcasts. It is a leading ecommerce retailer, making numerous brands easily accessible to the consumers across the globe. Its broadcast programs reach more than 300 million households across US, UK, Japan, Italy, Germany and China. Whether you are looking for jewelry, apparel, accessories, home goods, electronics or beauty products, you will be able to buy all these and much more through Www.Qvc.Com.

Bill Payment Methods at Www.Qvc.Com

QVC is totally dedicated to make life easier for the customers, allowing them to view and buy the products at their own convenient time and place. As far as QVC bill payment is concerned, the company allows bills to be paid through a variety of different methods:

  • QVC has its own credit card that it provides to its customers, known as the QCard. You can use this card to make your purchase from Www.Qvc.Com
  • You can avail Easy Pay service offered by QVC. Under this service, you can buy your product now, and pay it back in easy installments at no extra charges. Easy installments can be paid either through your QCard, or with any other credit card you might be using
  • You may send your payment check or money order at their mailing address through post
  • You may log on to Www.Qvc.Com, and pay the bill online. At present, only one-time payments can be done over the Internet, as the facility of scheduling recurring payments is not available as of now
  • Log on to their site at Www.Qvc.Com
  • Click on ‘Welcome, Guest (Sign In)’ link on top of the home page
  • Screenshot 2014-12-17 23.24.46
  • A new web page will open, where you have to enter your email address and click on ‘Continue’
    Screenshot 2014-12-17 23.21.20
  • You will be redirected to new url, where you can LogIn by entering the required information
    Screenshot 2014-12-17 23.23.40

Customer Service

If you have any query, complaint or suggestion, you can call them at 888-345-5788, or send them a mail or email. You may also visit to find the field of your query.

Useful Tips About The Company

  • There are several applications for iPhone, iPad and Android phones, which you can download on your mobile device, and access QVC on the go
  • You may become a member of QVC affiliate program, and earn money while working with them