Verizon Online Bill Payment

verizon logoVerizon is a US based company dedicated to providing telecommunications services to their residential and commercial customers, including services like TV, wireless, Internet and home phone. You may even register to their site at, through which you can manage your account, view your payment, billing and transaction details, and even pay your bills online. Bill Payment Methods

Verizon is known for delivering unmatched customer service to its clients. Whether you are a residential customer or a commercial client, you can pay your Verizon bills through a number of payment methods:

  • You may send your payment check or money order to their New York address by postal mail
  • You may visit any of their payment locations in your area, and pay the bill in person by cash or check. Some payment locations also accept payments via credit or debit card. To find your nearest Verizon payment location, log on to and browse through their payment locations
  • By enrolling to their paperless billing system, you may register to their AutoPay service. After this, your billed amount will be automatically deducted from your bank account or charged against your credit card every month
  • You may download My Verizon mobile application on your smartphone, and use it to pay your Verizon bills
  • Verizon also accepts payments via gift cards. Any person may purchase a gift card, and use it to pay the bill for you
  • Online payments can be done by opening an account at, using your credit card, debit card or recurring or savings account.
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Customer Service

Get connected to their online Verizon support center, and have a live chat with a virtual Verizon agent. You may follow them on Twitter at Follow @VerizonSupport, or sign up to their community help via Verizon blogs and forums. You may also call their customer service and technical support center over phone.

Useful tips about the company

  • They have a Verizon Troubleshooter online support tool, which you can use to fix or report any technical glitches with your Verizon phone, TV, Internet or FiOS
  • You can visit, and click on the type of problem, you are facing with your Verizon service
  • You can click on the ‘Trending’ button on top of the home page, and know what’s going on in the world at present
  • If you have requested a service or repair, you can check your order status online through their online account help and support system

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