Uscellular Bill Payment

Uscellular logoUS Cellular is a carrier service in America, delivering wireless telecommunications to more than 4 million subscribers in 26 states of the nation. Founded in 1983, the company offers 4G LTE as well as CDMA/3G networks to its subscribers. You can also buy mobile phones at Www.Uscellular.Com, whether you are a Motorola, HTC, Samsung or Pantech fan. You can also contact the company for mobile hotspots, accessories and wireless modems for sale. Browse through the site, and select the most suitable plan or device for yourself over the Internet

Bill Payment Methods at Www.Uscellular.Com

If you are a US Cellular subscriber, you can pay your bills through a variety of payment methods. You can choose the one that best suits your schedule and convenience level:

  • You may setup an automated deduction plan, so that the billed amount gets automatically charged against your credit card or bank account every month
  • You may call an assigned number from your mobile phone or landline phone, and pay the bill by providing your card or account details
  • You can visit any of the company’s local stores, and pay the bill in person by cash
  • You may use your bank’s online banking facility to pay the bill over the Internet. All you have to do is to add US Cellular as one of your payees
  • Payment check or money order can be sent to the US Cellular corporate office by post. You will have to send it at least 7 days before the bill’s due date
  • You may log on to Www.Uscellular.Com, and pay the bill over the Internet
  • First of all, visit their site at Www.Uscellular.Com
  • Hover mouse over ‘Log in/Register’ button on top of the home page
    Screenshot 2015-01-14 20.34.17
  • A new popup window will open, where existing users have to enter their username and password, and click on ‘Login’,
    Screenshot 2015-01-14 20.34.19(2)
  • While new users have to click on the ‘Register’ button
    Screenshot 2015-01-14 20.34.19
  • Now you can log in to your online account at Www.Uscellular.Com, from where you can view your account details, and pay the pending bill

Customer Service

You can call their customer service center at 1-888-944-9400, 6am to 11pm, everyday. You may also send them an email regarding your query or concern.

Useful Tips About The Company

You can log on to Www.Uscellular.Com, and browse through the company’s phones, plans, offers, tablets, modems, hotspots and accessories online, and even order them over the Internet.

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