Verizon Myverizon Account Payment

verizon logoVerizon is a US based company delivering telecommunications, TV, Internet, wireless and home phone services to households and offices across the nation. They offer cloud-based services to their online clients too, including IT, security and mobility facilities. You can create a Verizon.Com MyVerizon account at the company’s website, and manage your Verizon services online, in addition to paying the bills over the Internet.


Bill Payment Methods at Verizon.Com MyVerizon

As far as Verizon bill payment is concerned, it can be done through a variety of payment methods. Choose the one that you find most convenient, and use it to pay the bills every month.

  • You may send your payment check or money order at their New York mailing address by postal mail
  • You may visit your nearest Verizon payment location, and pay the bill in person with cash
  • Once you register to their paperless billing system, you can sign up to their AutoPay service, so that your billed amount is automatically charged against your bank account or credit card every month
  • You may use your credit or debit card to pay the bill over phone
  • You may create a Verizon.Com MyVerizon account on their site, and use your credit card, debit card or bank account to pay your bills online
  • Put the username and select pay my bill
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  • Now Click on Sign In
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  • News users can create account through “Register for My Verizon”
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Customer Service

You may visit Verizon.Com MyVerizon Customer Care Web Page, and use their online Verizon help center to get answer about your query. You may send them a written mail at their mailing address, or join their community help forum to post your query, complaint or suggestion. You may follow them on Twitter @VerizonSupport, or connect with them via FaceBook, Google Plus, YouTube or Pinterest. You may also call them by phone at 800-922-0204. The company is known for offering excellent customer service, and you will receive your reply within a few hours of posting your query.

Useful Tips About The Company

  • Verizon.Com MyVerizon keeps coming up with attractive deals, discounts and offers from time to time. You can see their deals online, and avail the most lucrative offer for you
  • Verizon FiOS customers can avail their SpeedMatch facility to gain upload speed as fast as the download speed
  • You can download the FiOS mobile app to access your Verizon services online from your smart phone, iPhone or tablet.

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