Citicards Bill Payment

Citicards Bill Payment

citicards logoCiti is a multi-national financial and banking services provider in America, holding more than 200 million accounts of customers in 140 different countries across the globe. Headquartered in New York City, the company has around 16,000 corporate offices around the world. Citi Cards is one of the biggest credit card issuing companies in the world, issuing credit cards and retail solutions to residential and commercial clients. If you are a Citi card or account holder, you can visit Www.Citicards.Com , and know how to pay your bills.

Bill Payment Methods at Www.Citicards.Com

Citi offers a variety of payment methods with which Citi Card bill payment can be done online or offline. Choose the payment method that you are most comfortable with, and use it to pay the bill every month.

  • Citi allows you to transfer funds online electronically
  • Easy bill pay service available at Citicards allows you to make one-time payment without registering to the site
  • You can create an online account at Www.Citicards.Com , after which you receive alerts about your bills and payments, and register to their AutoPay service to get the billed amount automatically charged against your card or bank account every month
  • You can download CitiBank Tablet App on your tablet PC, and use it to view and pay your Citi card bills on the go.
  • For online Payment Visit Www.Citicards.Com
  • Fill Username and password and select your service from “Take me to”
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  • Click on Sign On.
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  • New customers can create account through Register Button.
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Customer Service

You can visit Www.Citicards.Com 24/7, and view information about the company online. You can call them at their 24/7 CitiPhone number, and talk to a Citi Cards representative. You can visit a branch ATM to know your account balance, remaining credit etc. Consumers can call 1-800-347-4934, business customers can call 1-866-422-3091, and any lost or stolen cards can be reported at 1-800-950-5114. You may send them a mail at their mailing address, or send them an email regarding your query, complaint or suggestion. For regular updates and alerts, you may follow them at Twitter, FaceBook or YouTube.

Useful Tips About The Company

  • Www.Citicards.Com has a special link on its home page, that says ‘Rewards & Offers’. You can click on this link, and view the latest offers and rewards provided by the company
  • Avail their credit card reward programs like AAdvantage miles, ThankYou Rewards, or cash back, and gain maximum benefit from your savings and investments
  • Citicards also allows you to view and compare the available cards online