Accident Attorney Las Vegas

Accident Attorney Las Vegas

Bicycle Accident Attorney at LV

Bicycling is a popular form of transport and frequent leisure activity that lots of individuals in the Las Vegas area enjoy. Locals may choose to bike to and from work, and tourists into the vegas area often enjoy biking around the city and out on hiking trails in town. Biking is a healthy, relaxing, and generally safe action that many bicyclists enjoy. But things can turn harmful, or even fatal when to get bicyclists are involved in accidents with motorized vehicles.

Accident Attorney Las Vegas


As stated by the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center, there are more than 50,000 bicyclists that are hurt every year because of motor vehicle accidents, and yet only a tiny fraction of bicycle accidents are reported to authorities. Additionally, over 726 bicyclists were killed as a result of accidents involving automobiles throughout the nation in 2014, which will be approximately 2% of all vehicle-related fatalities. Proving fault for bicycle accidents is challenging with unclear liability variables involving crosswalks and bike paths.

It is unfortunate to participate in a bike accident in Las Vegas, but when you’re, you need to seek the assistance and guidance of a seasoned bike accident attorney. Your accidents could be severe as well as the legal issues that you face in bringing your bicycle incident claim against those people who are liable to you can be complex, depending on what caused the crash and what occurred during the accident. As an example, if multiple vehicles have been involved in your bicycle accident, the legal issues regarding liability will be more complex than if only one vehicle was involved in your bicycle accident. Furthermore, liability problems might lie with third parties, like the driver’s employer, the motorist’s insurance company, or your own insurer, based on the specific circumstances of your case.

At Naqvi Injury Law our expertise includes handling complicated bicycle accident cases. Before beginning this law firm, lawyer Farhan Naqvi protected accident victims’ rights at one of the largest personal injury law firms in Nevada. He frequently litigated, handling more than 200 instances, also has the experience required to shield your future following a collision.

Most Frequent Reasons For Bike Accident

Yet despite these protective laws set up, all too many accidents involving bicyclists happen every day.

Bicyclists have to remain ever vigilant when it comes to paying attention to what the vehicles around them are doing. But occasionally accidents involving motor vehicles are unavoidable and occur despite a bicyclist’s best efforts to be secure. The trouble is that bicycles are so much more compact than other vehicles on the roadway. Bicyclists can be hard for drivers to see. A number of the most Frequent causes of bicycle accidents include:

A bicyclist is hit by a motor vehicle which makes a right-hand turn. This occurs all too often when a driver fails to test for or acknowledge that a bicyclist is discussing the roadway. A vehicle could pull out from a side road or parking lot and crash right into the side of a bicyclist who’s obeying the traffic laws. Bicyclists will also be involved in accidents in which a motorist and a bicyclist are sharing a road going the identical direction and then the automobile makes a right-hand turn without checking for a bicyclist. Drivers who don’t check their surroundings for bikes sharing the roadway may be held negligent if they cause injury to your bicyclist.

A bicyclist is struck by a vehicle making a left-hand turn. There are lots of bicycle accidents which are caused because a car is making an upside down turn and they don’t see an oncoming bicyclist. Traveling in opposite directions once the vehicle makes the left handed turn, it is possible that the bicyclist was too much away for the driver to see the bicyclist. Since the bicyclist has too much momentum, and no time to stop, the bicyclist can run right into the face of the left-turning vehicle, or may become seriously hurt by attempting to swerve from the manner of the left-turning car or truck. Just like motor vehicles may be involved in rear-end collisions, bicyclists could be rear-ended by motor vehicles. This normally occurs when the driver is not paying attention to the road or to exactly what a bicyclist is performing. A bicyclist could follow each of the right bike laws regarding sporting the suitable reflective gear, having proper lights attached to their bicycle, or using the proper hand signals to communicate with different drivers. However, if a driver isn’t paying attention, it can result in the bicyclist becoming a victim of a rear-end accident all the same.

A bicyclist can be hit by a car door. Commonly known as “dooring”, as soon as a driver exits her or his automobile parked on the side of a road and doesn’t check for oncoming bicyclists, as the driver negligently opens her or his automobile door, it may catch an undercover bicyclist. The bicyclist crashes to the open car door because the bicyclist had no warning that the driver was going to open the door. This type of particularly common kind of bicycle mishap in town.

Motor vehicles are required by law to treat bicycles exactly the same as they’d treat other motor vehicles on the road. But drivers that are involved in accidents with bicycles often claim that they couldn’t see the bicyclist. Due to bicyclists’ small size when compared with motor vehicles, there’s little to protect bicyclists from serious injury, or even death, during an accident.

For their own safety, bicyclists have to be prepared for drivers not to see them, but it doesn’t mean that drivers are free of accountability when it comes to bicyclists. Drivers who cause harm to bicyclists must be held liable for the harm that they have caused. If you were injured by a motor vehicle driver, you have to seek compensation from the driver who is responsible for the injuries and property damage.

What To Do If You’re Involved in A Bicycle Accident

If you find yourself involved in a collision with an automobile, it’s important that you immediately get the medical attention that you require. Don’t worry about anything else until you seek medical treatment for your bicycle collision injuries. Even in the event that you think that you are unhurt, you need to make a point to be checked out by a medical professional, just to be certain. Next, you should talk to authorities and report the accident. If you are not injured too badly, and you’ve got a camera phone, you should take as many images of this accident, your bike, and your injuries as possible. These photographs can be useful evidence later down the street. Finally, as soon as you are able to do so, you want to speak with an expert Las Vegas bicycle incident lawyer about your own situation.

If you take part in a bike accident as a driver was negligent, you have to address a Las Vegas bicycle accident lawyer immediately. You get a limited quantity of time in which to make a claim against those people who are responsible for causing your injuries, and an experienced motorcycle crash lawyer will ensure that your rights have been maintained. Let us help you following your bike accident. Contact us now.

We realizethat your life might not the same following a bike accident. Not only might you suffer an injury during a bicycle accident, but you can also incur property damage for your bicycle along with other personal property you may have been taking at the time of this accident. Bicycle accident injuries can be very serious, or even life-threatening. The medical bills connected with a bike accident can become very expensive very quickly, even if you have health insurance.

Our top priority at Naqvi Injury Law centers about helping injury victims and their families obtain maximum reimbursement and justice following their bike collision. One of the things that you ought to do if you are involved in a bicycle accident is to contact your insurance company to see whether they’ll cover some of your expenses. Oftentimes, however, bicycle accident victims find that their insurance company does not want to help them cover their bicycle accident claim. We also tirelessly pursue the parties who are liable to our bike collision clients. Based on the particular circumstances of your bicycle accident, multiple parties might be liable to you for your injuries and property damage.

Attorney Naqvi defended insurance companies before he started protecting accident victims’ rights. He knows how the other side works and devotes considerable resources to proving an error. Having experience representing insurance companies previously supplies Attorney Naqvi using a unique inside perspective on what pushes insurance companies to refuse coverage, and he will work hard to get the insurance company to offer coverage if they’re required to do this under your insurance plan. Permit Attorney Naqvi combat your insurer struggles for you.

But Attorney Naqvi will not end there. He will dedicate the time and resources it takes to build a solid case for your benefit. When valuable, he consults accident reconstructionists to carefully review land damage and slide marks. His comprehensive approach also includes analyzing police reports and witness statements to collect all of the available evidence to back up your claim. Nobody ought to be left injured and uncompensated after suffering through a bike accident. Let Attorney Naqvi place his years of experience and legal ability to work to your advantage. Our goal is to help you find the maximum compensation that is available to you following your bicycle accident.